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Aug 21, 2011

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The devastating effect of the Brazilian Forest Code; Deforestation up 15%

The Brazilian Forest Code threatens the Amazon, which  represents 54% of the total rainforests left of the planet.

Brazil Amazon rainforest deforestation

While you read this, please keep in mind the following facts:
1. One in ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon Rainforest.
2. Over 100, species disappear from the earth each day due to deforestation.
3. The Amazon rainforest represents 54% of the total rainforests left of the planet.
4. Tropical deforestation is responsible for approximately 20% of world greenhouse gas emissions.

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth Worldwide. The country is recognized not only by its wonderful landscapes, natural resources and biodiversity, carnival and their 5 FIFA World cup titles, but also as an emerging power.

one of the world’s top greenhouse gas emitters, had tried to lead the green cause in the world, and they clearly could, as 60% of the Amazon rainforest is within their territory.  8.5 million square kilometers of Brazil’s territory is covered by jungle and forest, mostly in the Amazon area. Nevertheless, only 1.7 million square kilometers of vegetation are protected by law.

During the United Nations Climate Change Conference (2009), The Brazilian government agreed to reduce deforestation in the Amazon by 80% by 2020.  Despite this agreement, From July 2010 to July 2011 the Amazon rainforest lost 2,654 square kilometers,
much of the destruction has been in Mato Grosso state, the centre of soya farming in Brazil.

Brazilian deforestation sharply accelerated due to the new Brazilian forest code, which had a great impact even before its approval in May 2011. According to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), during June 312.6 square kilometers of rainforest were completely destroyed, 16,8% growth over the previous month and 28% higher than June 2010.  

Given the increase in deforestation, the Brazilian government is obliged to take measures to promote the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. Some of the tools that could be used to achieve this are:
·         Increase the area protected area aiming those biological hotspots necessary to conserve the biodiversity. 
·         Promote sustainable development policies, which encourage the development of land productivity.

·         Finally, a revision to the last reform of the code which, in effect, threatens the future of the forest.

Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest